We help the shipping industry achieve its decarbonization goals
using wind-assisted propulsion, providing expert advice, unbiased performance predictions, and making sure your operational worries are taken care of. 

Blue Wasp, your trusted partner in Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion.

Our mission at Blue Wasp Marine is to help you optimize and de-risk your wind-assist investments. There are several wind propulsion systems to choose from, making you wonder which option is the best suited for your vessel and what performance can realistically be expected without ship operations being compromised.
 At Blue Wasp, we can support you in getting wind assist right.

Download our “Briefing on EEDI/EEXI and CII Compliance with Wind Assist”: stop concerning over stranded assets and be sure of the long-term plan for your fleet.

Our clients

Here is how we can help optimize your design, cut fuel consumption, 
and be IMO compliant



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We carry out a tailored-made analysis using Blue Wasp wind assist software, conducting a full ship response screening.



Considering route-specific wind conditions, we provide accurate performance figures, making sure that ship operations are under control.

Who is it for?

Shipowners / Operators

Future-proof your fleet for stricter environmental regulations and be in control of your wind assist investments.

Designers / Shipyards

Enter the wind assist sector, explore innovative solutions and set the new efficiency standard.

Technology providers

Validate, improve and be confident of the performance of your technology.

Services we offer

EEDI/EEXI compliance

Holistic WASP study for CII

Post-installation manual

Post-installation verification

Specific performance analysis

Weather routing

Design optimization

Performance enhancement

Independent assessment

Wind-assisted propulsion is the new promising technology that today can ensure double-digit fuel savings. 

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  • Learn more about how much fuel your fleet can save
  • How to be EEDI/EEXI and CII compliant
  • Stop concerning over stranded assets, be sure of the long-term plan for your fleet
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