Wind Assist Specialists

Expert and independent technical advice to

exploit the unique fuel savings of

wind-assisted propulsion


Blue Wasp is an engineering consultancy specialized in wind-assisted ship propulsion. We support the stakeholders of the shipping industry in taking advantage of the unique economic and environmental benefits that wind assist delivers. Blue Wasp is the result of 10+ years combined PhD research on the aero/hydrodynamics of wind-assisted vessels conducted in collaboration with some of the world-leading maritime companies and research institutes.




Blue Wasp supports shipowners in making informed investments in wind assist technologies. We deliver accurate and custom-made fuel-savings calculations. This is a necessary step before any sound evaluation can be made.




Blue Wasp has the right tools to help shipyards and designers with their wind assist projects. With the use of our unique performance prediction software, we can readily explore the design space to find the optimal solution for your target. 


Technology providers


Blue Wasp has several years of experience with model testing and CFD analysis for wind-assisted propulsion. We can support you with the development of your technology as well as with the assessment of full-scale trial data.




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METSTRADE tech talk on wind assist

We are happy to be invited as panelists at the METSTRADE tech talks! The METSTRADE is the largest trade show of marine equipment for yachts and leisure vessels and this year, for the first time, one of the tech talks will be on wind-assisted propulsion. We will discuss how wind assist can be used...


Publication for InnovSail conference

At the 5th Innov'Sail Conference, our co-founder Nico van der Kolk presented some partial results of his machine learning based modeling for the hydro-mechanics of wind-assisted ships. This is a milestone achievement for the development of our state-of-the-art performance prediction software...


Participation in MARIN-ABS WISP JIP

Blue Wasp is glad to announce that will take part in the WISP Joint Industry Project organized by MARIN in cooperation with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The goal is to overcome the barriers for the further uptake of wind-assisted propulsion and, in particular, to improve methods...