Blue Wasp is an engineering consultancy specialized in wind-assisted ship propulsion. We offer expert and independent technical advice to support the stakeholders of the shipping industry in taking advantage of the unique economic and environmental benefits that wind assist delivers.

Blue Wasp is the outcome of 10+ years combined doctoral research at the Delft University of Technology on the aero/hydrodynamics of wind-assisted vessels conducted in collaboration with some of the world-leading maritime companies and research institutes, among which Damen Shipyards, Dykstra Naval Architects, MARIN and Polytechnic University Milan. The result is a unique understanding of the topic and a state-of-the-art, proprietary, software to calculate the fuel savings and physical behaviour of commercial wind-assisted ships.

Wind-assisted propulsion is the only technology that, today, can deliver double-digit percentage fuel savings. Blue Wasp is here to make sure that you take full advantage of this unique opportunity.


Giovanni Bordogna


Nico van der Kolk

Giovanni holds a PhD on the aerodynamics of wind-assisted ship propulsion from TUDelft. After obtaining a BSc degree in Nautical Engineering (University of Genoa) and an MSc degree in Marine Technology (TUDelft), he worked on a doctoral research project aimed at improving the prediction of the aerodynamic performance of wind-assisted vessels, for which he carried out extensive wind-tunnel experiments. He is a goal-oriented engineer with a strong passion for green technology and entrepreneurship. After the completion of his PhD, he co-founded Blue Wasp to make his knowledge available to the shipping industry.

Nico is an experienced engineer from University of California Berkeley and TUDelft, with a specialization in fluid mechanics, ship hydromechanics and broad experience in towing tank experimentation and numerical simulation. Having spent a lifetime sailing, and holding also a B.A. in Naval History, he brings a passion for sailing to work as co-founder of Blue Wasp.  Following on his just-completed PhD research, entitled “Sailing Efficiency and Course-keeping Ability of Wind Assisted Ships”, he is eager to participate in the design and the real-world implementation of wind-assist for commercial ships.