At the 5th Innov'Sail Conference, our co-founder Nico van der Kolk presented some partial results of his machine learning based modeling for the hydro-mechanics of wind-assisted ships. This is a milestone achievement for the development of our state-of-the-art performance prediction software as it will allow us to calculate the hydrodynamic forces of a large variety of ship types in a quick yet accurate manner. The paper can be downloaded here.

Blue Wasp is committed to ongoing engagement with the research community to ever-improve its performance prediction tools.

Blue Wasp is glad to announce that will take part in the WISP Joint Industry Project organized by MARIN in cooperation with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Key companies in the sector like Dalian Shipbuilding, HHI, CSSRC, Berge Bulk, Norsepower, Anemoi and many others participate in the project. The goal is to overcome the current barriers for the further uptake of wind-assisted propulsion and, in particular, to improve methods for transparent fuel-savings calculations. As contribution to the project, Blue Wasp brings its expertise on the aerodynamic modelling of Flettner rotors. This JIP is expected to run until autumn 2020.


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