A unique understanding of wind-assisted propulsion is one of our major assets. Blue Wasp has an extensive amount of (peer-reviewed) publications on the topic and it is continuously engaging with international research institutes to further increase the quality and accuracy of our prediction models.  All our publications can be downloaded here below.


  • Case study: wind-assisted ship propulsion performance prediction, routing and economic modelling- A corrected case study. RINA Wind propulsion Conference, London: Bordogna, G., van der Kolk, N., Mason, J., Bonello, J., Vrijdag, A. 2019.

  • Vessel modelling for Wind-assisted Ship Propulsion. Blue Week Conference, Paris: Bordogna, G., van der Kolk, N. 2019

  • Hydromechanics of Wind-assisted Ships. Smart Ship Conference, Delft: van der Kolk, N. 2016.

  • Sailing efficiency of Wind-assisted Ships. Blue Week Conference, Wageningen: van der Kolk, N. 2016.